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We are what we repeatedly do

Claudia Miraglia
Claudia MiragliaPublished on December 13, 2021

Let´s talk about our habits...

Your habits define you! Most of your life experience is determined by those small actions we perform every day without thinking.

We are born without any habits, these are behaviors that we learn through observation and repetition.

Aristotle said: "We are what we repeatedly do". Habits are those little routines that should bring you well-being. Can you identify what your positive habits are?

It is possible that you spend your life repeating habits without realizing if they add a benefit to your life or if, on the contrary they only harm you.

Creating a new positive habit can be challenging, just as changing a negative habit can be difficult. The habit does not necessarily imply an action, it can also be in thought.

Some positive habits are: reading, meditating, exercising, being grateful for everything you have experienced at the end of the day, blessing and co-creating your day every morning. On the contrary, some negative habits are complaining, criticizing, smoking, overeating...

All the habits you have at this moment, whether good or bad, are in your life for a reason and are part of your routine. If you are looking for a change in your life, start by adding obstacles to reduce the habits you consider negative and eliminate obstacles to create new habits. 

Start working on your mind, focus on the quality of your thoughts and then evaluate those habits that have defined you until today. 

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