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Claudia Miraglia
Claudia MiragliaPublished on June 21, 2021

You are the protector of your energy and your own worth. In order to do this, you must approach your own behaviors and needs. Remember you are the only judge on this.

The circumstances of our actions are directly related to the way we perceive ourselves and feel valuable. Look at yourself from love and compassion. Growth is only possible if you respect yourself and have inner confidence.

What is the emotion that predominates in you lately?

Where do you focus and direct your energy when experiencing an emotion?

All your emotions are signals! I imagine them as signals or messages that your inner world sends you.

Many emotions have been labeled "bad" and others as "good". Emotions are actually pure energy and, in most cases, those that you classify as "bad" only show needs that have not been satisfied.

Your needs are here to be seen, heard and satisfied by yourself, so that you can achieve your authentic way of being.

If you want more information about how the COR Method can help you work on you, don’t hesitate and send me a message!

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