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Clean for Good
Toronto, ON, Canada

Alejandra Guzman, our CEO immigrated to Canada on 2015. Quickly she started her journey as a newcomer dreaming about her future and career in the beautiful land of Canada. She started working as a housekeeper for multiple cleaning companies in the GTA. At first, earning even below the minimum wage! All she knew was she was saving up for School! A year after hard work, she could make her dream possible and enrolled as a Post Graduate at Centennial College, specializing in Human Rights and International Development. In this field, she made a meaningful network of help to Newcomers in the GTA. With her extensive experience in the Cleaning industry in Toronto, she quickly realized she could try to solve the Unethical Problems that she encountered in the cleaning industry in Toronto; therefore, she created a New Type of cleaning company, one that could match better the principles of this beautiful land, your home, and your business! One where she could employ people fairly, with ethical work conditions, and help to achieve their dreams by utilizing her network of help. She does this still offering the best price-quality to the clients. Her philosophy is simple: We simply clean it for Good!

Clean For Good is a Social Business led by an immigrant woman who noticed the need for an Ethical cleaning Approach in the GTA area. Her business focuses on providing an excellent service at a fair price, but at the same time, providing flexible schedules to our Staff, making sure they have a work-life balance; we also fund community workshops and activities for our Staff members to connect them with brighter career opportunities such as: connecting them with colleges and/or ESL classes, workshops are provided by Specialists leaders to give advise on Career, Financial, Life planning so our work partners can ultimately use our company as a stepping stone only while they increase their skills to build a brighter future for them and their families. We simply Clean it For GOOD!

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