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Davida Shensky
Deerfield Beach, FL, USA

Growing up with a disability, when people with disabilities were not acknowledged by society, taught me the importance of succeeding on my own terms. When it came time to enter the workplace, there were few opportunities for employment. Therefore, I had to figure out ways to think outside of the box in order to compete in the workplace. I have Cerebral Palsy or specifically Spastic Hemiplegia, because it only affects my right side and affects the way the brain processes information; therefore, my grades never showed my true potential. I was often told that I was a or I was a failure and would never amount to very much, and I should sit in a telemarketing job for $6.00/hr that I would never be successful as an entrepreneur. I took it. It was like waving a red flag in front of me and daring me to prove them wrong.

Since I didn't have a master's or Ph.D. in Psychotherapy to get referrals from Mental Health hospitals to do group Therapy in either Psychodrama or Transactional Analysis, therefore, remembered that I was at my best speaking to groups, and I transitioned. It was a struggle to market myself with limited funds and no support systems. I was an early adapter to building a business online and embraced technology because it made it an equal playing field when it came to earning an income. I always had an entrepreneurial mindset and liked working alone without someone always looking over my shoulder while I worked.

I always liked interacting with people and helping them to live the best quality of life possible while at the same time earning an unlimited income based on their own skills. Over the years, I observed how the job market was changing along with titles for positions. While some jobs were eliminated, new jobs were being created. It's all in how you take the skills that you excel in and adapt them to the new working place. In online presentations, I talked about the different ways you can create an income using digital marketing and outsourcing the skills that you're not proficient in.

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