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Self Employment: Start with a Side Hustle

Davida Shensky
Davida ShenskyPublished on August 02, 2022

The job market has changed across all industries.  This change has been taking place over the last 20-25 years.  Technology hashad a big affect on this change.  Job titles have even changed for the same jobs.  Even when you work for a company as you look for extra income think of a side hustle, not just getting another hourly wage job.


A side hustle means work a job that's based on commission like affiliate marketing, drop shipping, consulting, freelance writing, social media management,even what is known as drive sharing for companies like Uber, Lyft, or even TRYP.  Every business needs a presence on the Internet Marketing.  That means building a website--you can hire a website designer to design and manage your website---a website designer today, in the past was known as a graphic designer.


In the past people used cab companies exclusively, but today they with download an App on their Smartphone and use an Uber, Lyft, or TRYP to travel around the city they live in because they're far cheaper than cabs.  Even medical transportation who transport patients from their home to medical appointments will use Apps for transportation of their more mobile patients when they get back up don't have drivers they can get to their clients in a timely fashion.


In the past a journalism degree was needed to work for a newspaper.  As technology and websites started to dominate the marketplace, buiding content online started to grow with blogs, and online writer were needed.  You can go on sites like fivver or elance and have people bid to write your articles for you if you don't want to write them yourself.


If you're looking for products to sell online through your wn website you can join a company as an affiliate that have already designed products for the industry you want to work in or you can joint venture with a drop ship company or private label products where you can pay to have your own company name on the product, market the product, and when someone purchases the product, they ship out the product for you and you don't have to pay for a wharehouse to store the inventory you sell.

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