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AWAKEN to your YOU

Jewelle Zehr
Fort Wayne, IN, USA

Hi and Welcome !!

My name is Jewelle, and I’m here to help you heal from your past trauma get you unstuck from the often resulting depression and anxiety.

I believe every person has the right to heal from the pain they’ve experienced and the trauma this has caused to their nervous system, the sneaky beliefs in their subconscious and the “upside down inside out life” that often results from emotional and/or physical abuse.

☀️☀️☀️ WELCOME ☀️☀️☀️

I’ll guide you as you lean in to your healing journey so your next chapter can be filled with peace and hope, renewed strength, a strong sense of who you are, and a deepened love for your YOU.


I’m Jewelle Zehr, Trauma Informed Coach, founder of the Art of Onward (NLP certified & trained in RIM) ✨I’m a trauma survivor myself, I am here to share with you what has helped me on my journey as well as the journeys of my one on one clients.

I am so happy and honored to see you here.

Feel free to visit my blog at for additional support (you can search topics by keywords in the right hand column of the site)

Some messages I would love for you to receive right now:

it’s not your fault

You did enough

The best is yet to be

There is hope for your next chapter

Healing is 100% possible

Now is Your Time. Welcome.

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