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Terry McDougall
Chicago, IL, USA

I am an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, and best-selling author of Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms.

I help smart and hard-working professionals learn the unwritten rules of the "game of work" so they can get unstuck, get recognized, get paid and promoted, and create a positive impact in their careers without working harder or burning out.

I teach my clients to approach work as a game, so they know where to invest their time and energy to get the outcomes they desire, and so they are free to enjoy more success and happiness.

Just some of the outcomes that my clients have enjoyed after working with me:

- Becoming confident and effective leaders

- Getting raises and promotions

- Influencing with (and without) authority

- Landing their dream job

- Getting more done in less time

- Building processes and structure that support success

- Dealing fearlessly with bullies and other difficult types

- Empowering their teams to excel

Before becoming a professional coach and consultant in 2017, I worked for decades in the corporate world. In the early days of my career, I worked really hard and felt frustrated by the slow pace of my career growth.

Once I learned to treat work as a game, I was able to move up into a leadership position that doubled my income and gave me the influence I'd been yearning for.

I've been an expert guest on more than 200 podcasts and radio programs speaking on career, leadership, success, and happiness topics.

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