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Go on, make a video

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on September 08, 2021

Before we get into the theme of this First 50 Fun, we have a wee call to action for you: Please email and let us know about your onboarding. We are particularly interested in knowing where on Subkit you got stuck, so that we can help improve it. There is nothing too small to shout out. Thank you in advance for your ongoing feedback as we build your virtual space for your subscription business.

Some of you excellent entrepreneurs are playing around with personal welcome videos. This is a great instinct, keep at it! Video is the new norm for quick hellos and introductions, since the likes of snapchat, instagram, tiktok + youtube. Especially in subscription, AKA creating longterm relationships, it is a good idea to give your community a taste of exactly who you are and what you’re about. This will help them trust you and hit subscribe.

Kudos to our own Plentea, Fit And Fab At 50+ and Hive Vibe for diving into personal videos.

We know the first few times you make a personal video it can feel a bit awkward, that’s normal. Please know, we’ve spoken to each of you and you all are so passionate about your small business, and what you have to say about your subscription plan is always articulate and worth listening to. Give video a try!

Quick and dirty advice
+Download loom or get that iphone out
+Make your surroundings professional and reflective of your subscription, and make sure your audio and light are on point
+Write your script, keep it short, sweet and clear! (more on script best practices below)
+Practice until you’re comfortable
+Give it a go
+Show a friend, they’ll be way less critical of you than you are and still tell you the truth

I made a faux subscription welcome video of myself to showcase some best practices, check it out! NB: This is 100% a fake subscription plan, no one at Subkit will charge you for our support.

Let’s review the game tape, shall we?

What’s good about this video:

+A grabbing opening. I’m a bit silly around the edges, so I went with something silly, if this isn’t you, grab ‘em off the top with something that is you!
+Went right into the subscription plan, didn't bury the lede
+Explains Why Me, selling myself and my experience
+Explains who my subscription is for
+It keeps it warm and personal
+It's under 1 minute

What could use some more practice before it goes live:

+My nasal voice (jk, but seriously how hard is it to watch yourself back on tape?!)
+Branding in the video would have been nice, canva can make that easy! You can also go a simpler route, check out how Plentea just had a sign in this video. Cute!
+My physical background could could have been more polished (since I’m selling business help)
+I could have explained any free trials and/or how discounted this is to my normal one-off costs
+In general, a little more practice so I am completely off book and don't use repetitive language

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