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Let me tell you about the perfect plan...

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on August 25, 2021

Introducing Waitlist

That's right. The perfect plan is... your plan.

Do yourself a favour and login to your Subkit, go to Subscription Plans and hit Create Plan. It looks a little different, right? We're incredibly excited to help you create your very own plan waitlist. It's designed to help you make your plan juuust right. We're taking the guessing out of success by using a waitlist and survey to make it easy to know if your features are a great fit, and to help you determine the right price for your plan. Tech start-ups have been using these tricks for years to garner buzz, it's time entrepreneurs got the same leg up.

If you launched a plan that didn't get as much love as you'd hoped, go back to the drawing board and use this feature. If you're killing it and are thinking about adding another tier to your business via a new subscription plan, use this feature. Solopreneurs, use this feature.

Remember, launching is a lifestyle, and it's always OK to try, try again. And plan waitlists are here to help your launching lifestyle be that much simpler and sweeter.

Word of mouth growth is king

The strongest way to grow your community is through word of mouth and referrals, so we wrote a >> playbook << on the topic. Time and time again research has shown that customers referred by others (their friends, family, influencers, etc)... are more likely to convert and have a higher lifetime value than customers who find you through more traditional forms of advertising.

Please give this a read and get to know Subkit's fruitful referral program and word of mouth marketing a little bit better.

Last call: Many of you have answered >> this survey << already, but if you haven't please do so by EOD August 27. It'll take you under 2 minutes and will make your Subkit life sweeter. xo

Need a little more subscription support? Join a group session on subscription best practices or book a 1:1.

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