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Retention is Queen

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on September 21, 2021

Ahead of this edition of First 50 Fun, I wanted to remind you to RSVP to our upcoming social hour + skillset session on newsletters. >> Book your spots now! <<

Retain, it's the name of the game

The moment someone becomes a subscriber, they're committing to a long term relationship with you. They're putting their trust in you, month after month. This is very exciting as they're the best kind of customer, ongoing. But it's also a responsibility. Your business goal is retaining these subscribers as long as possible, so be responsible to them. Keep making the relationship better.

Two clear ways to do this:

1. Be willing to iterate on & improve your core offer, to ensure that you're nailing both your plan and your price point

2. Develop a smart plan to keep subscribers engaged and continually delighted, as they onboard and become a staple in your subscription world

The reality is that subscriber retention is work that never stops. Luckily, though, it's still extremely manageable. By doing a little each day, and planning ahead, you can build a subscriber journey that works to keep your customers happy, and around for the long haul. >> Learn more about subscription retention here. <<

Your first step towards retention

Nail your subscriber notes in your plans! Once somebody subscribes, it's important to communicate well with them immediately. Affirm their choice to join your community, and help set their expectations (and excitement!) for the future. Your subscriber notes are the first information that each new subscriber receives once they subscribe, so make 'em count.

1. Keep it short! You want to make sure new subscribers actually read it, so brevity will be your friend

2. Set the tone. How you greet new subscribers here should be reflective of the voice and personality you tend to exhibit in context of your overall service, i.e. if you tend to take a casual and conversational approach with your subscribers, bring that personality here

3. Share the most important details to set them up for success with your plan! Will they need to purchase any equipment? Is there a Zoom link they'll always need? Is there anything they shouldn't forget? Make sure that's shared in your subscriber notes

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