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Your Spooky Subkit Six Pack

Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on October 22, 2021

If you haven't already answered this super-speedy survey, please do.

Happy Halloween! This six pack is dedicated to six scary mistakes subscription entrepreneurs make. Take stock, and do your best to avoid them.

1.) Not asking for help. Your community cares about you! If you need a little help on a project related to your small business, then ask! Example: You have a pal with a huge social media following, ask them to re-share something about your subscription plan. The very worst thing that can happen is that they say No

2.) Stretching yourself too thin. In life and in subscriptions, less is often more. Focus on one core offering that you're excited about, and keep fine-tuning it

3.) Getting frustrated when a launch doesn't go exactly as planned. Always be iterating and don't put all of your eggs in one basket, live the launch lifestyle. Slow and steady, ya'll

4.) Comparing yourself to others. Who the f*ck cares how many TikTok followers Ashley has. Entrepreneurs lift each other up, and it's important not to compare your day one to someone else's day one-thousand

5.) Not truly listening to your community. Use Subkit's waitlist + survey features to find out what is of value to your community! Keep asking them as your business grows and evolve with the people you care about most, your core community

6.) Not taking time for yourself. Just take the day off. Do something you love that has nothing to do with your business. Nap. Rest is important work, too

As always, we're always here for you: For more awesome advice on how to best think about your plan, here is our Launch Playbook.

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