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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on January 14, 2022

In January, the most common goal-setting conversations I have with entrepreneurs can be divided into two categories:

+ Money
+ Taking better care (of oneself and their community)

No one can hide from bills, inflation and taxes, so we'll definitely get to money soon. But today, we're going to focus on taking better care of yourself and your core clientele.

1.) We recently shared this piece on community building for entrepreneurs in our Subkit newsletter, and it's worth a second share. It is full of practical and loving ways to care for your customers, as you turn them into subscribers and grow your community.

2.) Creating promo codes for your subscription plans to love on your community comes up a lot. Here's how to create these:
+Login to stripe
+Go to Products
+Go to Coupons

Once you've made your code, give it to your people! They can easily use them at checkout when subscribing to your plan.

3.) In the community building article we suggested creating your own CRM in any kind of doc that works for you. This will save you time and make your community feel loved. In case the piece is TLDR, here is a worthwhile excerpt:

CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management tools, serve many purposes. Their main functionality is tracking interactions with potential and current clientele to help you with data and growth. Am I suggesting solopreneurs and small businesses spend thousands on a CRM? Hell no. But you can piecemeal their most important functions, such as the notes section.

Notes sections are exactly what they sound like, a sales rep takes a few moments to write down a note about the last interaction or about the individual in question. This sounds cold, but it doesn’t have to be. If your core community is growing it’s nice to keep track of them. For example, you might remember most things about your favourite customer but be bad with names, you should keep a list of your members and have a column for notes such as “Patrick’s cute dog’s name is Theo”. Remembering details can go a long way to making people feel special.

4.) We know you obsessively care about your customers and clients. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too.

5.) If you're surfing the omicron wave as a small business owner with children, you are a hero. But as parents, aren't we all kind of sick of being "heros"? Don't we just want everything to function well enough and everyone to be healthy and supported? Kate Northrup's Do Less is a helpful book for parent entrepreneurs (specifically mamas).

6.) Lastly, in the name of fostering this community...

Please reply to this email and tell me one skill you'd like to develop this year. We're currently planning 2022 sessions, and want them to be as helpful as possible for growing your subscriptions. Beyond plotting events, we'll also share some of your Subkits + inspirational replies next week.

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