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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on October 08, 2021

A chill is in the air. It's officially the final quarter of 2021. What do you want to accomplish before the holidays? Here are six points to consider tackling this fall to help build your subscription business. Lesgrow!

1.) Start with writing down your subscription target goal for the end the year. Map out possible strategies to get to those goals. Make small weekly To Do lists to stay on strategy.

2.) Pen to paper is still the best way to brainstorm. Perhaps treat yourself to a journal loved by entrepreneurs

3.) Start planning how the holidays can help your membership model. Giving forever gifts is very chic right now, make the most of a busy time of year by keeping the transactions going month after month

4.) Try to turn your focus to the community in your own backyard

5.) Get ahead on some meaningful holiday reading

6.) Do you need help setting some subscription goals? We're here for you. If there isn't a time that works on my calendar, shoot me an email: and we will find a something within the next week that works for you!

Here's to owning the end of 2021!

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