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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on January 07, 2022

Twenty twenty who? Twenty twenty two! Hello. It's your year.

Despite everything going on in the world, I'm feeling that New Year energy. I am so excited to help you launch and grow your subscription plans. Whatever your fresh goals or business resolutions are, I'm here to help you achieve them. Book something in with me. If you're not seeing a time that works for you in the next week or two, email me and let me know: I always hold space for our core community... you!

As a January refresher, we're going over the best way to make your subscription plan on Subkit. Here's the full document to have as a companion, and here are six important points from it:

1.) You want your subscription plan to be named something memorable and short, but also (importantly!) descriptive about what you’re offering. How often can subscribers expect to receive it? What exactly is it? Where exactly is it available?

Paraluman Flora does this very well.

2.) When adding your plan description, you want to be concise and direct in your wording, so that exactly what you’re offering is conveyed clearly and quickly to potential subscribers. This copy will likely be slightly redundant with the name of your subscription plan, and that’s okay!

Julia Bray is a great example of this.

3.) There’s probably one, very specific type of person who will most benefit from your subscription—and you’ll want to use the “Perfect For” section to indicate exactly who they are. How to best describe this person varies, depending on your field. If you’re a language tutor, perhaps your subscription is best suited for people just starting to learn versus already established speakers. You’ll want to note that. ”This subscription is perfect for people who don’t speak any Spanish yet, but are looking to become proficient for travel.”

Thriving With Heather nails her "Perfect For" section.

4.) To waitlist or not to waitlist, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to poll your community... is up to you. You might know your main offering so well you're ready to go, or you might benefit from a soft launch to garner buzz and collect feedback. We're here to help you decide. Read up on what waitlist is and why (or why not) to use it.

5.) When listing out your plan features, you want to add every single thing that your subscription plan includes. Be concise and specific in your language. This long form document has wonderful examples to help you with your own. Many plans will only have one feature, but sometimes there are many.

Dion has many features, and they're all cogent.

6.) "Subscriber Notes" are king, queen and president. This lil' message will be included in the email they get when they subscribe, so it’s good to include a few kind words here, and any additional information that a subscriber will need to know about their subscription. This is also a great place to include any technical or logistical details (recurring zoom links, when you'll be in touch to book a session, when they can expect their regular deliveries etc).


Lastly, on a personal note. A lot of you, like us, are in cities hitting record Covid numbers. I hope you, yours and your small businesses are healthy and safe.

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