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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on January 28, 2022

Just kidding! We've got seven specific inspirational goals from our growing community of entrepreneurs. Hopefully you can piggyback on something in this Seven Pack...

We asked y'all What is one skill you'd like to develop this year to help grow your subscription and business? Here are your brilliant replies...

From Meg / Wellness With Meg

I would like to explore recording more wellbeing content and setting my Subkit up to become more of a wellbeing coaching library; full of yoga classes (seated and dynamic), mindfulness sessions, meditations and so much more! Over time my subscription tiers will shift to access the library as well as zoom/live yoga. I then aim to double (or more) my subscribers by July! 

From Tariq / Plentea

I would love to learn techniques and strategies to continually grow both my direct-to-consumer customers while also building our business-to-business client list.

From Heather / Thriving With Heather

One skill that I would like to develop this year to help grow my subscription and business is creating consistent and quality content in a way that incorporates less grind and more flow. This includes creating and scheduling systems that align with the ebbs and flows of life, especially living through a pandemic. This includes creating content that not only helps others to prioritize their wellness, but for me to prioritize mine as well. This will include creating opportunities for live and pre recorded sound healings and self hypnosis sessions for subscribers to reimagine their lives outside of grind culture and perfectionism and create more space for mindfulness and intentionality within their workday. 

From Julia / Perpetual Motion

I’d like to work on retaining customers! I am awesome at getting a random person to try something the first time, but am less awesome at following up and being persistent in getting them to come back or stay.

From Alexandra / La Vie Citronnée

One skill I would like to develop this year to help grow my subscription is bullet journaling! What better way to manage my social media, clients and goals than to have it all nicely organized in front of me? I think whatever time I invest in organization will pay back 10 fold. 

From Karen / Breakfast Cure

Creating a new business and manifesting something out of nothing is a miraculous experience and also a gargantuan lift that can feel like a sprint followed by another sprint. No entrepreneur can go full tilt forever. In 2022 it's time for me to slow down and move into marathon mode, take a step back, take a deep breath, and take stock. What have we done well and where can we do better? Why are we working so hard on this particular business? For me, this means taking at least one entire day off a week from work, which means no screens, not planning in my head, no checking for orders, or making sure an important project is on track. All of that can wait. There needs to be some calm and empty space for the best ideas and insights to arise.

From Chris / UNI Training

Our goal remains the same, to impact as many lives as possible through health and wellness. So if anything this year, I have to manage time better and not just wait to see what happens next. 


Want to brainstorm how to best hit your own 2022 goals? Book something in with me!

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