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Evelyn Wiseman
Evelyn WisemanPublished on February 11, 2022

Before we get into maintaining healthy marketing habits, a little reminder that we have an event for our global community of entrepreneurs on Subkit including those of you launching in February or March. >> Please RSVP now. <<

Humans are creatures of habits, so we spend a lot of our life trying develop healthy ones for our body, mind and families. As entrepreneurs you are also responsible for making healthy habits for your business. Today we're going to focus on marketing best practices to nurture and grow your subscription plan.

1.) If you launch something and only send one email... did you really share your plan with your community? It's important to have a launch strategy that is multi-pronged and easy to stick to.

In the first two weeks of launching I recommend:

-2 community emails with your plan as the headliner

-4+ social posts on various platforms

-DMing your core community to subscribe

-DMing any influencers in your life to re-share

2.) Did number one make you nervous? Are you worried about annoying your community or seeming too sales-y? Don't. Let that sh*t go. People don't notice things the first or even second time, so you have to keep putting it in front of them! Your community loves you, you are not bothering them.

3.) Did you know that the most lucrative subscription plans on Subkit had 2 to 5 subscribers their first week? These people now make above their rent money through their plans. Don't be nervous about humble beginnings.

3.) If you've diligently given the first few weeks of your subscription plan the public love it deserves and it isn't growing, don't panic! You didn't fail and no one is thinking about it but you. Take a breather, tweak and try again. Live the launch lifestyle.

4.) If you've launched something, it's important to nurture it if you want it to grow. Make sure that marketing your subscription is in your general marketing plan. Regularly shouting it on social and in newsletters, offering the occasional discount code to new subscribers, etc. Keep showing it off and keep building your community.

5.) Subscription plans are enticing because they're relatively passive ways to create new revenue streams. Don't let the marketing aspect of them make it seem like more work than it is. Simply take a couple of hours at the beginning of each month or quarter and list out your marketing schedule for newsletters, social, codes and events and be sure your subscription plan is included at a regular cadence. Very manageable.

6.) Let's brainstorm taking your plan to the next level! Book something in.

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