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Business Breakthrough Strategies and Exit Planning Advisory

Ben Isakov
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

My story is similar to many other stories of people who earned everything with their own sweat and elbow grease. The reason for starting the business is the same reason that motivates me to push it up day after day: I feel a deep sense of fulfillment when I see my clients win!

"Your Success is My Story" is on my business card, and I want more and more of these success stories. What makes me different and sets me apart from other consulting/coaching firms is that my clients always know the game plan and the time frames.

Congruent Clarity is a business consulting/coaching firm specializing in building transferable value and business exit planning. Our clients are serious business owners who want to grow and (more importantly!) scale up the business and are looking for the best, most effective ways of doing that.

Together we develop and implement strategies, allowing them to break through their current obstacles and get the business to the next level. I'm a systems guy... I like to say that my "super-power" is to see the business as a sequence of processes. Business processes are heavily interconnected and rely on each other. Probably one of the reasons I'm good at it is my ISO auditing background, or maybe mild OSD. But... it allows me to quickly identify these sequences' bottlenecks and broken connections. When we validate the finding with the owners, we start to plan and execute appropriate actions to fix the issues. Then we repeat the process.

So as a Breakthrough Strategist, I build transferable value in the businesses, and as an Exit Planning Advisor, I apply similar principles (and proven methodology) to get the business owner ready for exit. On their terms and when they want it.

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