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Cortina Jenelle
Asheville, NC, USA

Cortina Jenelle Caldwell, D.D., RYT is an entrepreneur, a Kemetic yoga instructor, a world-renowned event designer + ceremonialist, a wordsmith, creative facilitator, systems architect, cultural organizer, holistic coach and brand strategist. Due to a pressing need to heal her own chronic medical conditions and clear trauma, Cortina has been researching, learning and practicing modalities of natural healing and holistic wellness over the last 20+ years to address the root issues that Western medicine could not reach. In addition to being an active member of Yoga Alliance, Cortina holds a Doctor of Divinity, certification in Creative Facilitation and rigorous training in justice, equity, diversity + inclusion (JEDI). Cortina is author of How to Heal the Planet from Wherever You Are and provides coaching, coursework, sacred rites and transformational events internationally that have led to numerous awards + a ripple effect of liberation and change. Following the spiral path, Cortina found her way back to wellness after adding entrepreneurship, creativity, ancestral healing, cultural arts and JEDI work to her foundation. Now, Cortina’s healing work ripples out at individual, community, systemic and planetary levels. For questions, follow-up or letters to the editor, email

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