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DIY Art Kits

Kristin Heidbreder
Denver, CO, USA

Crafty Chassis is bringing more art into the world! As the founder Kristin (aka Kiki) believes that art is therapy. Her passion is to create a thriving, sustainable business in the arts that also supports other local artists and non-profits in the artistic community both locally and globally. 

Crafty Chassis specializes in delivering the arts and crafts fun to any live event including birthdays, weddings, block parties, girl’s night out, and corporate team building events in Colorado. We offer a variety of DIY projects and provide all of the tools, materials and guidance needed to help people of all ages create fun, functional and colorful crafts.

More recently Kristin also offers delivery and shipping of individually packed art kits with “how-to” tutorials. You can also gather friends and family from afar and enjoy “Crafts with Kiki in the Chassis” as a Virtual Art Party. The art kits and virtual parties are a perfect solution for creating art in any environment, with anyone you’d like to share the experience with.

Born and raised in Colorado, Kristin loves to travel and to be active in the outdoors. She incorporates many elements of nature including aspen wood, river drift-wood and other recycled elements in some of her projects. Her outgoing personality and experience working with many cultures around the world in her personal and business travels have taught her to adapt and bring together many social groups for a positive and mindful experience. She loves that moment of silence when the participants are 100% engaged in the project, and then the excitement of “I made this” sets in.

Kristin believes that PEACE, LOVE & ART will change the world!

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