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Craig Lane
Craig LanePublished on September 14, 2022

This is for those people who are helping others with their health, are interested enough in health to want to help others and self-improve, and for those who want to share their health experience with others! Below are some videos of seldom thought of root level and higher more advanced level health values.

By subscribing to this group, you get the three online groups for $99 versus $150, and access to the subscription perks the online people will not retain.

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MasterMind Clinical Health Group

$99 /(3 months)

RIP John Hicks. He was a good man trying the doctors of old. Bless him.

To finish, thank you for your support, and remember, health is wholeness, and the Earth provides way more than we ever imagined. I know, because I am alive and thriving because of the plants, herbs, and right diet and lifestyle aligned with Nature.

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