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Craig Seaton
Craig SeatonPublished on March 26, 2021

Hello and welcome to my page and my offerings! I wanted to use this first post as a means of explaining what I offer and why I offer it, I'll get straight to it. My name is Craig Seaton and I am a breathwork, meditation and self development coach. I have been a personal trainer for around 13 years and this was the first step into my career of discovering how us as humans can live in a state of good health, wellness and on an evolving path in life. Being a personal trainer I got to spend a whole lot of time understanding the body, training and nutrition and I had the opportunity to work with many, many different people. Over the years seeing and working with people who achieve or fail thier goals, stick to the gym, leave the gym, change diets, begin challenges, give-up on challenges, start new years resolutions, stop new years resolutions etc etc became fascinating to me. It became obviously clear to me that the goals or physical results one wanted in life, even if that was simply maintaining health, came from the psychology and emotional reasoning. As I deepened my intrest into this and encounted the many factors that string together our concept of the world, why we TRULY have the goals that we do (which requires a quality dose of honesty) I tumbled headfirst into the world of psychology. Though, just before this new intrerest consumed me, I had been invited to a meditation practice at the local buddhist centre, which I had very little to no knowledge of and I had never done meditation before. This first experience 8 years ago absolutly changed my path in life. I grew increasingly more intrested in understanding the experience I had been through by silencing the mind, which I later found out was a quite a fortunate thing to happen during a first mediation. To cut a long story short this experience led me down to a whole new world of discovery, research, courses and experiences that encompassed but didnt end at meditation, yoga, alternate states of consciousness, silent retreats, martial arts, psychology, philosophy, eastern & western religion/tradition, transpersonal states, plant medicines, dream work, sub-conscious work, bio-dynamics, cold water therapy and breathwork.

The journey has been one of constant learning and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I have picked up many tools along the way and many methods of natural and holistic self healing, growth and balance. My work, which started out as personal training with the goal to help others become healthy and feel good about their physcial body, has kept the same heart but transfromed into helping others understand that their life is built up from the mental, emotional, physcial and spiritual aspects of our being and we can move towards wholeness by working with these elements and balancing out the facets when we need to. Increasing our self awareness is key to this! I have learned that you really are the one who holds all the answers, we just need to know how to unlock the ability to listen to ourselves, and not just listening with the ear.

My offering of sessions are breathwork, self-development, physical movement and meditation. If you would like to discuss group, corporate or individual work with the approach I offer with, please do get in touch, these subjects are my heart and I will be happy to help.

Thank you for your time, wishing you all the best!


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