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WWW.DAILYRITUAL.LIVE - online movement + breathwork

Elisha Jane

Daily Ritual is an online movement and wellness studio featuring daily live zoom classes, zoom recordings, pre-recorded video library, community space, workshops, and more!

We teach what we call: the practice: a continuous mind-body awareness evolution. The movement is primal, intuitive, natural, aligned, balancing, and amazingly therapeutic. (Say goodbye to your need for outsourcing pain remedies - chiro, physio, meds, etc!) This practice is working with the most modern scientific understanding of the body, utilizing an embodied awareness of our fascia- that we are one- a unified, holistic system- all parts influencing and affecting each other. Through mindful awareness, activation, and engagement, we teach you to reconnect to all parts of your body, turn the places that have gone offline BACK ONLINE, and it will heal your body- just like it has healed ours.

We also bring conscious connected breathwork to the table- which we believe- IS the medicine. This powerful breath practice is the king of healing helping breathers to regulate their nervous system, integrate and move stagnant energy and emotions, release trauma (physically, mentally, emotionally, and vibrationally), detoxify, reprogram unbeneficial patterns and tendencies, connect more deeply to your body, mind, heart, and soul... PLUS so much more. This is the practice where we come back to our hearts and remember who we are.

This is our passion and our purpose- and in our classes- you will feel how much we care.

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