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How to Wear Fall Fashion 2022 Trends in a Sustainable Way

Danielle  Perrodin
Danielle Perrodin Published on September 26, 2022

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Falling victim to this season's latest fashion trends, but trying to get out of the cycle of needing to replace your wardrobe every five seconds a new trend is released? You are not alone. Many have woken up to the craziness of fast fashion and what it is doing to the planet and our budget. However, not all is bad when it comes to seasonal fashion trends. The creativity and beautiful inspirations that manifest on the runways can be appreciated in a sustatinable way. One must be intentional about first shopping their own closet for pieces that are on trend keeping their own personal style in mind.

Not sure what your personal style is? Ask for help from a friend or hire a stylist. The most sustainable eco-friendly wardrobe is the one you already own. So don't skip this step! Next, decide on what holes might need to be filled regarding creating the looks that inspired you from the runway. You can browse your local secondhand shops as many of these items are repeats. 90s fashion is back in style right now as an example. When you do decide thoughtfully that a new item is in order, make an educated purchase that will last years by choosing high quality items from brands that are making strides to improve the industry, and choose items that align with your style. This will ensure that you are not throwing this item out when the next trend rolls around. Each piece should be an investment that you love and will want to keep around. It should be able to be worn with at least three different items already in your closet.

Taking these steps will ensure you are not falling victim to what the fashion industry declares is missing in your wardrobe, or that you are missing out on anything. Finally, you will feel good and you will look so stylish as your new items will look effortless and timeless on you. Check out the video attached that I created on how to wear this season's trends to inspire you to create a wardrobe you love in a sustainable way. I would love to know which style you love best. Send me a message and let's discuss. Also, see below for the best way you can work with me as your stylist. Until next time,

Memento Mori,


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