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Daniel Pennington Speaking Coach

Daniel Pennington
Florida, USA

Speaking and Communication Coach, Daniel Pennington.

For the past ten years, Daniel Pennington has coached business leaders on how to make their stories captivating. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as the Hospital Corporation of America and international clients from as far away as Canada and Australia. Daniel is also a number-one rated conference speaker, entertaining and educating audiences across the country. He has presented on the TEDx stage as well as coached more than a dozen presenters on their TEDx presentations. During his 35 years in television, Danielproduced and directed tens of thousands of commercials and programs, gathering up an impressive number of awards including Telly's, Addy's and even an Emmy nomination...and he did that because of his singular focus on telling better stories.

Daniel is the author of Nailed It, a Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Your Best Presentation Ever and The Seven Step Guide to Speaking Success: An Essential Healthcare Leader’s Handbook.

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