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Dorothy Dawn
Dorothy DawnPublished on January 25, 2023

Dear Friends & Family, 

I am writing to you today with extremely exciting news! Throughout 2022, I have been working behind the scenes and it is perfect timing to announce it now, during New Year’s Resolutions month – January. 

A new & improved business is on the horizon, health insurance reimbursement-based fitness coach & Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I am serving men & ladies, including everyone from the average Joe to the athlete.  

It has been advantageous incorporating the variety of career skills I have garnered through the years including counseling, tenacity, and presentation skills as a lead dietitian in the weight loss sector. Even the sales, marketing, and global business experience through real estate as well as travel is helping me difersify. Not to mention over two decades as a Registered Dietitian, fitness coach, and body-building competitor.  

If you are like most, the last few years dramatically affected your health whether it be for the better or worse. Did you know the average weight gain for Americans during the pandemic was fifteen pounds? This is causing you angst because your weight was already creeping up year by year.  

You may find yourself struggling with your lab measurements such as: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and low HDL’s. Let me be clear. It is not your fault that you are in this health predicament!  

Here is reality: your human nature needs are ignored in the diet world. The specific health education you need is limited while your doctor is throwing cholesterol/blood pressure lowering medications at you without any guidance on how to lower these numbers the natural way. Who wants a bunch of foreign chemicals in your body that has negative side effects – such as your sex life!  

I am on a mission. This inevitable gap on the diet side of your expensive health equation is where I come in! I am here to help all people struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle and that is why I took on the endeavor of being credentialed with all the major health insurance companies including: Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Net, Medicare, and United Health. 

Let us make it seem almost effortless and fun so you can authentically drop pounds while enjoying food and still have the lifestyle you enjoy. You will have more energy, which is life-changing when it comes to playing with your kids/grandchildren and having many happy years watching them grow up. You will sustain the quality of life that you desire resulting in a healthy, stronger, and leaner you!  

Now for the exciting gift that I promised! First, I want to thank you for following my work as Dietitian Dorothy and I trust you will join me in my new endeavor at Nutrition 4 Men!  

I authored a timeless book back in the day when I was a recent green graduate. It is chock full of tips, recipes, and best practices to help you get back in the game with a healthy body. With your first order from our website, I will give this to you complimentary as a guide to work together all year. 

Moving forward, you will hear more from me with my monthly newsletter. If this does not pertain to you, no problem, I will miss you. I wish you much health & happiness – please stay in touch and keep checking the website for updated content.  

In Health & Happiness, 

Dorothy Dawn , RDN,  

Nutrition 4 Men + Ladies 

Healthy Home, Travel, Fitness Coach & Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 


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