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Depthism - A philosophy of Meta-emotion directed into physicality

Michael Bernard
California, USA

Welcome to Depthism, this is an online archive, based out of California, USA

Essence for example is something of a tangible form of energy that exists in the body; its existence serves as the foundation for most of what the philosophy can achieve in the mental amplification of the physical body. It is yet just a component revealed by training the mind in this philosophy. It allows for many things to transpire that otherwise would not in a person that cannot see such a thing within them, and yet unlike ki, chi, chakra, reiki or any other form of metaphysical energy whereas they are relatively difficult to measure; essence is in fact directly measurable in more ways than one.

Depthism is a discipline in the same way martial arts may be seen as a discipline. It will subject you to test the very foundations of your internal capacity.

Learn a plethora of subjects that shouldn't be accessible to the conscious mind but instead are generally involuntarily or spontaneously controlled by the body.

-Temporarily override pain sensory

-Amplify physical strength

-Directly control heart rate/blood pressure regardless of physical exertion

-Extend stamina beyond limits temporarily to a finite degree

-Temporarily sharpen focus

-Consciously dilate pupils to increase light intake in dark environments


As often as i can I’ll be providing you with content directly through my posts and sessions here. It is my intention to offer up as much knowledge as i can in regards to this ability!

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