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Depthism - A philosophy of Meta-emotion directed into physicality

Aspects of depthism

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on August 25, 2022

The following are in summary to that of their original descriptions.

The Aspect of Apply or Deny

“Be of constant within decision, of what shall come to pass if at all, in your mind.” Will you apply or deny the things that come to be within you?

Choose when to allow thing to affect you. Choose when to deny them. Be in control.

The Aspect of Liminal Constants

“Know, use and manipulate your capabilities and levels at all times of your daily life.”

Practice knowing yourself to the best of your ability indirect terms of what you are presently capable of.

The Aspect of Subliminal Elevation

“Always pursue the mind in its depths, to find more of oneself within the unseen of oneself.”

Lift from the depths of your mind the things which otherwise would be left subconscious.

The Aspect of alterable perpetual suppression

“Potencyof ability leads to lesser effort and to a retained power”

Compress your abilities unless otherwise needed to induce growth.

The Aspect of pure internal council

“Keepthe core pure from the corruptible influence others have to offer.Always choose what shall affect your inner mind.”

Do not let external influence affect your behavior unless by conscious concise choice.

The Aspect of Purveyance

“Circulate the enlightenment you find to your peers as if it were rations.”

Aid in the growth of your peers.

The Aspect of Restricted Torsion

“Limit Reasonless activity to in turn add potency to truly needed action at a proper time.”

Dont waste superfluous effort on irrelevance. It will reduce meaning and potency to what matters.

The Aspect of Moral Aptitude:

“Seek to acquire, and always use the honorable stance in the face of anycall.”

Do the right thing.

The Aspect of Self-Truth

“True capability is tested within stride of one’s mind”

Never lie to yourself about yourself.

The Aspect of Core Solidity

“The pursuit of tolerance to any and all things.”

Seek strength

The aspect of Application

“Skill within a subject is the redeemer of ability with which pursuance of self-growth and discipline births”

Find a skill or ability to act as a medium of amplification.

The aspect of Dissonance

“Forever hold unbalance to all sides, such shall lead to immune growth”

Never seek permanent balance as it will ease growth and weaken potency.

The aspect of Source:“Communing with a path led astray through fractured replication rends the mind and body of potency”

Do not incur altered knowledge through filters. Seek the unfiltered source.

The aspect of Willful Conversive Detraction:“Confuse the masses of your potency, for accurate assessment of your true strength lends the language of your core”

Deny prying eyes their truth.

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