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Basic formulation using essence fractional builds

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on September 05, 2022

Once location, isolation, and amplification of raw essence has been confirmed in a user the next subject at hand tends most commonly to be how to achieve the most potent results with essence. One might expect the answer to be simple and in due concourse with a straightforward pathing; unfortunately that is not the case. Essence is but a component in a grand assortment of options. These options come with understanding different feelings in the body and through the disciple of redirecting present energy that may come and go. The first step a user takes in refining their technique is towards understanding formulation for components. Once a user understands the method of compartmentalizing different energies within themselves they can then use them in said formulae.

A preferred approach to basic formulation is the usage of simple raw essence in percentage segments built up to a focused point and burst upon a target or action. These percentage segments are commonly organized as follows:25%50%75%100%

These percentages are in direct regard to how much effort you are putting into generating essence. Please not that these percentages have nothing to do with overall essence potency; that will be a subject for another time. Instead; recognize that effort directly translates to flow in regards to essence in respect to a budding user.

An essence fractional inherently has 2 components within it; The choice percentage build of raw essence within the core, and the “essence Movement” required to shift the bulk essence into action.

An essence movement is a quick physical movement paired with a psychological kiai of sorts tended to internally and later in some users practice's vocally. The purpose of this internal kiai is to align a user's intention, or in not so accurate terms“mood”with the demand of an action at hand. The quick action can be anything in generally that feels shocking or jolting enough for the user to focus on; such as a clap, snap of the fingers, downwards jolt of the arms, or a stomp on the floor beneath them.

An essence movement is generally required for larger non-length type formulations due to the mass of raw essence, by nature, being stagnant and slow to flow within the body.

Although fractionals look like this:


They are almost always seen as 1pt formulations as the movement itself is not considered a component.

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