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Core placement

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on August 30, 2022

The purpose of this document is to explain the different common core placements for generating essence within the body. A core is the center mass the essence is directed to when manifested within the body through a build. Depending on the core placement a user willfully defines within themselves prior to the essence build; a different affect will take place. These different affects take place when and if the user generates enough essence in the body that the core becomes pressurized and refined. This refinement process is explained in detail elsewhere.


“Natural Essence compression VS Forced Essence Compression”}

All cores listed on this page are located in the middle of the torso (in terms of thickness not height) except SORPU.

Upper core: This core tends to be the more difficult core a budding user sets out to understand. Because it is the least inviting of the 3 common cores to essence builds it is not easily used without a high degree of conditioning. This core is the least spark conducive core out of the 3 common cores and is commonly used for primal, lash builds, and most striking techniques. This core is the most effective core to use when attempting HR control. The upper core is in line to where the cervical and thoracic spine meet.

Middle core: The default location all budding users generate essence to. The indirect core with the least effectual over HR control and grounding practices. Essence manifest sent here tends to “lean”into the upper and/lower cores; which in turn reduces potency and pressure effect. The middle core is in line to the mid to upper lumbar area.

Lower core: While the lower core is the most simple out of the 3 common cores to use and understand; it is also the most spark conducive location on the body. For this reason it is the core most commonly used for Deep builds and grounding. The lower core is in line with the sacral part of the spine.

SORPU core See document {“SORPU”}

Although all core placements can be used to achieve the desired effects that essence can instill upon the body, some cores bolster effect results more readily and potently then others. An experienced user will choose to direct essence to the more effective location on the body akin to what their intentions are to achieve desired results more readily.

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