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Depthism - A philosophy of Meta-emotion directed into physicality

Fundamentals of essence

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on August 24, 2022

Essence is the life blood of the depth philosophy; it is the foundation on which all of our abilities lie. The potency and potential of an individual depth user rests solely within his/her ability to strongly generate the energy; essence. The stronger a student’s essence, the stronger they may amplify their physical state. Essence, in and of itself regulates certain effects in the autonomic nervous system,allowing for alteration of a person’s basic physical state.

Definition of essence: Essence is an energy regulated by the subconscious of a normal person. Under common circumstances within a person that is not aware to what essence is,fear, anxiety, excitement as well as many other emotions will zip essence right past their attention with them in turn never noticing it. It will then go and have at the autonomic nervous system as it pleases and effect it as it will throughout the course of its stay,caused in turn by and for however long the emotion runs its effect over the person. However, if a person can understand the feeling of essence and isolate this feeling, then they may effectively control its potency within themselves and directly because of this; they will then holster very precise control over it and in turn they will possess the innate ability to alter their own autonomic nervous systems.

Essence generation is akin to a tingling sensation, much like the tingling felt when a limb has had blood circulation cut off for a bit. The same can be said about the sensation of falling or suddenly being frightened. A user generating essence is able to control the intensity; and to some, the sensation can be shifted around the body at will. Essence while present in the body; bolsters an energizing feeling as well as a strengthening one.Essence can be seen to enable a user to perform more effectively while under physically strenuous conditions. Essence when used properly can also induce higher endurance in said user.

Essence is a transferable trait, meaning it can be taught to another person. Its effects and existence within a person are not genetically based but instead inherent in all of us, this has been proven. The ability to learn to control essence however is not necessarily as easy to obtain for one as it would be for all.

The amplification of essence has many selectively applicable traits for those fortunate enough to come across the ability. Anything within the range of effect from the nervous system within the body can most definitely be affected by heightened levels essence generation.

If a singular effect is desired; the individual at hand may use directional control to direct essence at a specific location on the body in order to achieve a more specific effect.

The common things essence alteration has a grasp over are; Direct and precise control over the circulatory systems of the body,( Blood pressure, Heart rate, Heart rhythm), the ability to disable acute pain sensory within select parts of the body, enhanced physical strength, enhanced reflexes, core body temperature control etc…

Location and radiation: Upon assuming a supine position and relaxing all of the muscles in the body as well as relaxing the mind to a blank, a person can and most likely will feel a very insignificant tingling sensation in the core of their body.This sensation is essence; and if properly honed and condensed is commonly found radiating to the biceps, triceps, scapula, the shoulders, the hamstrings, the middle thighs, and in the general lumbar region of the back/spine. Although essence is in fact an overture; it does not affect the neck/skull region unless directly willed there individually.

Positive side effects: Potent essence builds have been known to temporarily clear sinuses and headaches, improve circulation in the extremities, as well as to generally clear the mind. It may also; if generated to extreme highs, acutely hinder pain sensory in many different locations in and on the body as well as increase potential regulated strength in said user. Generating essence is also shown to dilate the pupils of the eyes causing for a higher intake of light in dark areas. This may or may not make for ease of sight in dimly lit places.

Negative side effects: Generating essence does pose an eventual risk to those of its users that have refined it to greatly potent forms. Users of essence have shown a large increase in Heart rate and Mean arterial pressure. These effects can potentially put the user at risk for stroke, heart attacks, and arrythmia.

The short term side effects of essence generation are as follows:Tachycardia, essence intolerance (buildup of impure effectuals that hinder further builds ease), weariness (with large repetitions of potent builds because of the buildup of intolerances), and temporary twitchiness {sparking} (in untrained individuals because of inability to apply, deny or ground out intolerances). These are all due to the passive buildup of residual essence and of the effects that come forthwith.

Also, there have been surveys done that report at least one mental symptom in regular periods of usage with generating essence. Actively generating essence could be the indirect or direct cause to mental symptoms such as hypomania. Take caution into consideration when generating essence in high potency.

Endurance span: Unlike physical muscle use which wears down and becomes unusable due to lack of stamina until you regain that stamina through rest; the generation of essence is absolute with no limit. However, the more you generate at a higher potency; the faster you will build up essence intolerance which in turn causes weariness as well as giving a person a more difficult time generating more potent essence builds.This effect of essence intolerance eventually causes ineffective use of essence and renders any build or activation too unstable to use.Essence intolerance usually dissipates within anywhere from 1-6 hours depending on the person and their capabilities.

Extra fundamentals of essence:

This audio covered "Raw essence" and "post active state effects"

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