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HR control training

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on August 30, 2022

Increased heart rate


-Fundamentals of essence

-Light build essence control

-Moderate build essence control

Application: Increased mental acuity similar to the effects of caffeine as well as a more efficient reaction time; a sped up heart rate allows for increased distribution of nutrients and oxygen via blood through the circulatory system, more intensive HR control capabilities in theory; promise multiple methods of preventing or combating stroke or heart attack.

This subject lesson teaches the first and most potent effectual of essence generation within the body, that being the ability to affect the willfully involuntary heart organ to consciously produce a higher intensified heart rate with the use of a more potent and condensed form of essence. The student must first have grasped the ability to actually generate essence up to a moderate mid build. Without the ability to generate essence, the student cannot actively affect his/her heart in such a way.

SIDE NOTE: any medication,energy drinks, or heart rate affecting edibles can and will decrease the accuracy and effectiveness of this training!

1. Place student in a selected controlled environment with no distractions.

2. Give 3 minutes for the student to clear and calm his/her mind, and then record HR (Too much time is known to increase anxiety and in turn raise heart rate, which adversely affects this test.

3. Request to perform a 3-3 essence build and to hold focus on the intensity of the build as well as the core of the body for either 90 seconds or as close to 90 seconds as possible.

4. Have the student perform the build for the required duration. However, begin recording the students HR by BPM 30 seconds into their build.

5. Have the student finish the build and prompt them to calm themselves again.

6. Repeat the process of initial and secondary HR recording a total of 2-5 times for accuracy and practice.

7. When finished, go over the application of this skill and the affect upon the body with higher intensities of essence generation.

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