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Natural Essence compression VS Forced Essence Compression

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on August 30, 2022

Natural essence compression Pure essence begins forming when a person generates large quantities of raw essence mass. When said user’s essence build reaches peak potency; the center or “Core” of the essence bulk will become pressured into a more pure essence by the surrounding essence bulk. This leaves the surrounding essence bulk to waver and spark out. The surrounding raw essence sparks out because the pure in the center is more potent; this creates outward pressure. Grounding helps to alleviate some of the instabilities left external to the pure essence not build up in the core.

Basically just generate a large quantity of essence and ground out the instabilities.

Pure essence sought to be refined from raw essence because of its potency; being roughly twice of that akin to raw.

Pure essence has more refined instabilities and has roughly twice the potency of raw essence, leading to more applications within and outside of the body. The existence of any instability from pure essence is caused from the act of processing raw essence into pure essence. If not grounded out of the body; these instabilities will compromise any derivative or formula.To reiterate; pure essence refined using raw essence alone will require vast amounts of essence generation as well as efficient grounding to rid oneself of the instabilities that come along with it.

Forced essence compression Through further refined techniques the entire generated essence mass in one’s core can become pressured into pure essence without the required use of grounding.

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