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Solid Spark Builds

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on August 25, 2022

When attempting to generate essence in its pure form, The core becomes saturated with instabilities if said user is not properly grounding. Beginning students, new to essence generation commonly come into contact with sparking at this point.Sparking occurs when a user generated essence build reaches a set point of instability saturation which then causes the body to jolt uncontrollably. This causation can be easily avoided by grounding the essence through your lower body and pushing the instabilities down as you pressurize the build to proper purity. Let it be known however that at certain levels of essence saturation within the body;sparking is impossible to avoid and instead expected. Sparking generally occurs automatically or on accident/unconsciously within an inexperienced student.

Grounding in general takes time and focus. It is not conducive to attempt to ground out instabilities while compartmentalizing for a formulation into a dynamic activation.For this reason solid sparking exists, drawing potency from directing the instabilities of an essence build outward into a formulation as yet another individualized component.

Solid sparking is the act of forcing the instabilities to a point within a set location in the body and exploding them into a forced spark when they reach critical mass concurrent to an imminent spark within the user. Doing so not only teaches the student a technique to recycle instabilities into an intended action but also teaches him/her an associated feel to that of the manipulation of said instabilities.

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