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The 4 absolute energies

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on September 18, 2022

The first two absolutes, red and blue (mental and physical), constantly affect one’s person through means of stamina in both respective realms.For this reason one may think simply of them but may not understand the technical mechanics for correct and accurate manipulation of them for the physical amplification of one’s strength and mental agility.

The first absolute energy

Red Absolute Energy (Physical energy): The physical aspect of one’s body, a common energy, sometimes heavily influenced by blue. Red absolute energy is a direct energy, meaning it is inherent within yourself and able to be harnessed by you at all times. During activation, a great understanding of Red is essential to a successful outcome in situations where higher, more potent output is needed. A user should be able to gauge the amount of physical output needed in order to complete an action with little or no failure rate on a constant basis with a good understanding of Red. In order to hone the physical aspect of the body by Depth’s standards, a budding user should first put themselves in situations where injury is not likely, and advance their modes of action alongside their level of output over time.

Though it may be first perceived that the physical aspect of the body is directly related to that of the mental, in the realm of Depth, that is not the case; the physical absolute is not simply physical body exertion, but is instead the very willpower that drives your body to move. Like electricity that fuels and Shocks a physical body muscle; the power of mind that wills one to work against a force in their path is the embodiment of physical absolute energy; not simply an electrical signal sent from the brain to the muscle that tells the muscle to contract; but instead, the pulse of mind that initiates the electrical signal to be sent. Or in simple terms; “The will to move”

One of the most noticeable differences between the two common absolutes is the concept of exhausting them.In the realm of physical absolute energy, exhausting the body would in turn induce instabilities that would make physical absolute energy more difficult to generate. Keep in mind however, that an absolute does not cease to flow; it simply becomes more difficult to make flow.

(Ex. Jimmy just performed an 8 mile run, did 500 pushups, and cut down a tree in his local park. Because of these vigorous activities, Jimmy no longer has any stamina to spare and must take some time to rest and recuperate. If jimmy tried to move his physical body, he could but it would be as difficult as he is exhausted. If jimmy tried to generate physical absolute energy,he could but It would be as difficult as he is exhausted.) Although jimmy is exhausted and is having a hard time moving and generating physical absolute energy; jimmy can in fact work against that absence of stamina if his physical absolute has been trained to be amped high enough to call the wills of his energies back into action against that adversity (adversity being extreme fatigue).

The stamina issue is not the depletion of red absolute, it is just fatigue, and will in turn form inherent problems in further pursuit of exertion be it physically or by subject of physical absolute energy generation.

The complete depletion of one’s physical absolute energy cannot come to be. Instead there is a concept of intolerance build up. While red absolute may be generated indefinitely without a type of fatigue taking over; intolerance is built up for red absolute in the same way an intolerance is built up for essence. The temporary lasting affect caused by this intolerance is deep instability deeming the use of red absolute worthless for the time the intolerance remains potent enough to affect the individual user. Intolerance from another energy or action is universal for every pursuit of action within one’s body. Every individual person has a different intolerance build up rate which needs to be understood and then trained upon to promote mastery. To build stability in the face of intolerance, a user must simply expose themselves to it and train with it in the same way a person would build muscle by working out concurrently; by working with heavier weights and longer repetitions. Training one’s self to work through higher levels of one’s own instabilities will prove vital in any physical or mental goals one may have.

It is to be seen that the complete pathway of willed essence generation is from the orbitofrontal cortex → insular cortex → lateral hypothalamic area → parabrachial nucleus → solitary tract nucleus → medulla oblongata → sympathetic preganglionic neurons → sympathetic nervous system → Essence generation, possibly vasoconstriction, and with a consequential rise in HR. One could say the pathway to manipulating “Absolute energy”as it is termed is quite similar but branching off near the end.

Blue Absolute Energy (mental energy): The mental aspect of one’s body, a common energy, has a strong hold over one’s capability, creating the barriers in which the body can act, along with the capability to surpass them. The blue absolute energy is a direct energy, meaning it is inherent within yourself and able to be harnessed by you at all times. Mental has a strong hold over physical in the respect that it sometimes can overflow into physical with the right resources and scenario present;E.G. Emotional strengths, Influence, etc. After a certain period of training, a user can artificially render their own methods of creating the overflow effect that mental energy has on one’s physical person in order to heighten the capabilities that they possess during activation of said overflowing effects. It may be inferred that through mental absolute energy, a user can release psychological blocks and increase physical capabilities by a very large margin in certain scenarios, and it should be a user’s goal to understand and control the aspect of mental absolute energy in order to achieve these higher levels of internal understanding.

Mental absolute energy is active through different processes in the mind; the electrical signals and mental “will” sent to control everyday actions and such as walking and lifting heavy objects require mental absolute energy to take place. This however does not mean that it is directly related to Red. The will behind mental absolute energy is what makes this energy so staggeringly powerful; and it goes without being noticed within you because of its concurrent everyday use. The concept of heightened metal concentration, tolerance to outside effects such as pain sensory or the ability to directly overflow into Red through means of aggravation is what makes this energy so extremely potent. Along with this, just the same as Red, is the concept of mental intolerance build up. Using mental absolute energy consistently over a short period of time could cause intolerances to reach the point of mental uselessness due to instabilities.

(Ex. Sally just took a 3 hour internet course on how to perform brain surgery, she then had to go home and do 6 hours of homework, and took a 200 question test on the total amount of knowledge that she has accumulated over the span of her life. Now, because of the insane amount of mental stress that she has accumulated, sally needs to take some time to rest and recuperate the intolerances away.)

Now as previously stated in the portion of red absolute; jimmy may in fact combat this large intolerance with even more blue absolute,however it would be in vain as effectiveness would deplete to nothingness. Although the Red absolute may not be as powerful as the Blue absolute, that in no way means that it is any less important;both should be equally honed in the pursuit of self-mastery.

Mental absolute energy is not simply the act of thinking. It is embodied within your willpower to remain mentally acute. Simply being conscious is not enough, one must focus and hone their mentality to know the feeling of generating mental absolute energy. For most that overlook mental absolute energy; the act of generating mental absolute energy is nothing other than focusing. This underestimation of the potency the mind can achieve with internal focus will ultimately lead to become their stagnant future selves.

It can be said that manipulation of mental absolute energy is as simple as “willing” something happen. While this is somewhat accurate;it is also a very broad spectrum of image in regards to the understanding of mental absolute. If focusing with your eyes or your mind are two different feelings to you, what then would it mean to you if it be requested that you focus with what is behind your eyes/mind?

While the first 2 absolute energies are known by most people as a simple representation of mental or physical stamina or what lies behind the body/minds actions; the 3rd and 4th are not. They are instead obtained and then felt through a process of exposure. That exposure eventually turns into recorded experience and eventually a person may learn to recognize and either apply or deny them within themselves based on the situation at hand. The third absolute energy is Natural energy. The fourth absolute energy is Social energy.

The Third absolute energy

“Life Energy” is comprised of both social Life energy And Natural Life energy.

Green Absolute energy (Natural energy): Natural absolute energy is formed through exposure to an environment that is uncorrupted. The most pure example environment is a remote location with no trace of human distortion, deep in nature away from the rest of the world. These spots in the world yield the most potent amounts of natural energy a person can come into contact with. Natural absolute energy is an indirect energy, meaning it is energy not inherent within yourself that you must actively search for in order to harness and use. Although natural energy in its strongest and most potent form is commonly found in faraway places hiding away from the rest of the world, it is not entirely absent from your day to day destinations. The only problem with finding natural energy in populated spaces is the amount of concentration and skill required to draw in and harness such a scarce energy in given said environment.

Natural energy, when absorbed from the environment around you and used properly with essence and/or any other absolute energy directly strengthens the aura. It is also known to enhance burst type activations moderately well.

Absorbed natural energy generally only stays with the user for a short while if not applied to something, and can easily be controlled by will just like the first two absolute energies as long as there is sufficient natural absolute in the air from the environment around you. (EX. Jimmy went on a trip to Fiji in which he stayed near the beach. Because he was in a relatively beautiful and preserved area of the world; he could feel a deep resonance with nature {that would be natural essence in the air}on the 3rd day of his trip, he and his friend went hiking deep into the core of the island. They eventually came across the existence of a waterfall that was not on the map. The resonance with nature here was off the charts and far stronger than he felt it at the beach!)

Green absolute energy (Socially intrinsic life Energy):

Socially intrinsic life energies are to be seen as the aspects of life being forced upon one’s person,whether that is in a negative or positive manner mostly in the form of influence from other people. This energy is noted to be the most potent, and not re-creatable or “actively controlled by will”. Socially intrinsic life energy is an indirect energy, meaning it is energy not inherent within yourself that you must actively search for in order to harness and use.

Life Absolute energy is strange because of the effects that it can have on the first two absolutes. Positive life energy can help further the capabilities and performance ability of a depth user for a certain amount of time until dissipation,sometimes lengthy, sometimes minuscule, depending on the strength and potency of the energy. Positive Socially intrinsic life Energy is labeled as such because of the “positive” effects that it has on one’s mentality along with its “positive” origins (Ex. Jimmy recently received a puppy for Christmas, because of this and his love for puppies, he is feeling an excess of positive Socially intrinsic life Energy for an expanse of time until he becomes used to or bored of the puppy).

Negative socially intrinsic life energy is the opposite side of the spectrum, and although it is difficult to manage because of how unstable it can make said user, it is also very potent. Negative socially intrinsic life energy, if enabled and not denied through the experience and skill required to do so; is largely expected to hinder the user, making him/her feel as though their mind is about to tear itself apart. However; in some cases, it can be used to strengthen the user.

In order to use negative life energy a user needs to bottleneck the negative effects that come with it and release them in a manner that will allow them to use the energy to its fullest extent. This type of energy should not be taken lightly, considering the amount of mastery it takes to use. Negative socially intrinsic life energy is labeled as such because of the “negative” effects that it has on one’s mentality along with its “negative” origins

(Ex. Frank had received a promotion at work months prior; and as such has become accustomed to increased to a higher pay. This higher pay has given him a higher standard of life. Today frank found out he will be receiving a demotion because his numbers are not as high as his boss would like. This news is demoralizing to frank as he has become accustomed to his higher quality of life. Frank begins to feel an assortment of dread,sadness, concern, etc. These are all associated to negative socially intrinsic life energy)

Both positive and negative socially intrinsic life energy are due to events in one’s life, and should be taken advantage of when they affect a user considering that they are not common like the first two absolute energies. If not recognized and used in time before they start to dissipate, they will simply fade away without a trace.

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