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The 4 types of users

Michael Bernard
Michael BernardPublished on September 05, 2022

There are two separate ways to categorize a user’s typing; Dominant typing’s and the permanent base nature typing.

Base nature types:Base nature types are chosen on a basis that associates itself with the user’s inborn demeanor. A user’s base nature typing never changes and can never be altered by anything other than fold over or legacy discourse.

Dominant use types: Dominant “types” are those types that are expressed the strongest and most often, common occurrence. A user's dominant use type may or may not be intended. This typing may change over time depending on the user’s current path, elements, activist traits, body typing, and current social setting.

Typing’s are the demeanor of a user’s output.

These are the 4 common types of user:

Offensive- Offensive users are very invasive and impulsive to their surroundings. They are potent in their physical use but are not prone to be potent in anything other than such.

Defensive- Defensive users are physical in defense of their surroundings and in reaction to other people’s demeanor; they tend to be hyper sensitive to other people’s thought processes, body language, and general motives. While very sensitive to atmospheric change they rarely react to it and are instead more stoic to it.

Analytical- Analytical users show two specific patterns, one being very passive,and one being extremely interactive. Using their strong thought processes to find the most logical explanations for their situations,they react with accurate social demand.

Manifest- Manifest users subconsciously use imagination in response to their surroundings to fabricate abilities, knowledge, and understandings they did not possess prior to the demand of a given situation. This response mostly comes to be instinctual upon origin to the user; further training forms this instinctual happening into one of intent.

The labeling of any user can be many and/or all.


-Analytical offensive user.

-Offensive Pure user.

-Manifest offensive user.

-offensive analytical manifest user.

The higher potency is named first in the label.

Although these 4 types are the only primary types of user; there are also several sub-type of user. These sub-type speak of individual differences in trait of different subjects. Such as:

    EDU, IDU, or RSDU – A measurement for the probability of a user entering into active state on a concurrent basis with or without high invasive force. This ratio is commonly used to measure the chance of a user “abusing” or corrupting his/her active state.

Cond/Rend pathway – Typing’s placed upon a student by said student’s way of use; either internal or external dominant.

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