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Feeling Stuck Discover Passion Potential And Purpose

4 Ways To Identify If You're Living A Life Of Purpose!

Tie Clarke
Tie ClarkePublished on June 20, 2022

Why does knowing your PURPOSE matter? Let's say, It helps you to become focused and intentional. Being focused on the things that matter most to you like faith, career, friends, and relationships. Knowing your purpose helps you prioritize your life – allows you to walk away from people who do not improve you, add value to your life, or are not in alignment with your purpose. Knowing your purpose helps you stay motivated and focused when things get tough.

Here are a few things that people with a sense of purpose tend to experience:-

• Feeling of optimism, resiliency, and hopefulness

• Experiencing joy, happiness and satisfaction more often than not

• Increase desire to serve others

• Passion to learn new things

• Feeling the need to make an impact in other people's life and the world

• Increased satisfaction in career choice, school, life, and relationship

• Become more intentional

• Staying more focused on goals

People with a sense of purpose tend to fall into one of these four categories.

1. Purposeful - These individuals tend to find projects, events, people, and things that they can contribute to for the greater good. They are considered altruistic

and have a sustained interest over a long period of time, and can clearly articulate their “why.”

2. Dreamers - tend to eagerly express great ideas, but not implement or take action to get things done.

3. Dabblers - They engaged in potentially purposeful activities without committing to one in particular or sustaining their efforts over a

long period of time. Sometimes struggle to articulate their “why.”

4. The Disengaged: Tend not to have a sense of purpose in life and don’t have any desire or need to find one.

Which category do you think you fall into at this point in your life? Our purpose is not something we “find” and then we are done. It’s a journey. A journey that propels us to take action, become intentional, determined, focused, and passionate.

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