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The Power of Purpose (and Bread)

Devin Craig
Devin CraigPublished on August 08, 2022

I’ve been listening to an awesome podcast I learned about recently called How I Built This hosted by Guy Raz and produced by NPR.

It’s a show interviewing entrepreneurs and people that built products and companies that changed industries and the world. It’s a truly fascinating series and I’m only a few episodes in.

The episode I’m listening to right now is interviewing Dave Dahl of Dave’s Killer Bread. His story is fascinating and inspiring, both his personal story of struggle and the story of is bread and brand came to be.

But one specific part that was especially compelling is when Dave spoke of the unifying per of purpose. Dave talked about how he started his business as an off chute brand within his second generation family business. He and his other two family members running the business would have regular unproductive tension, as any family does, but combined with tension in this growing business.

Dave said that it wasn’t until the family members and business partners sat down together and thoroughly and simply clarified their mission, purpose and values in real, tangible and actionable terms that progress in relationships and the business really began.

Now Dave’s Killer Bread is a doing more than 150 million dollars in sales and has been growing exponentially for several years. Most recently triple digit growth.

That’s the power of alignment, purpose and bringing people together around a truly simple and powerful purpose. Improved relationships, growing business and meaning. All things that people today are increasingly demanding and starving for. And it doesn’t hurt to have awesome bread too! 

Best of luck on your journey to impact on purpose!


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