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Kelsay Myers
Larkspur, CA, USA

My name is Kelsay, and I'm here on this life path to embody myself, to accept what arises within me and to serve as a guide to bring others into their own powerful creative expressions. I help those who want freedom from inner blocks holding them back embody resources to transform their life from the inside out. I understand people’s desires and can see how to guide them towards their purpose. I serve as a mirror for how the whole self can become a living expression of what it means to be human.

As an Expressive Arts Coach and Registered Somatic Movement Educator with the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association, I act as a force for compassionate change. I teach my clients and students how to use their inner resources, soul metaphors, and different arts practices to develop more confidence, clarity, trust and intimacy with themselves, in their relationships, and in their ability to share their own humanness with the world.

I have dual M.F.A degrees in Creative Nonfiction and Poetry from St. Mary’s College of California, certification in Tamalpa Institute’s Life/Art Process®, and I’m now a Ph.D student in Transformative Inquiry at California Institute of Integral Studies. I also have several years of training in Clean Language facilitation, Presencing and Holding Space through The Academy for Soul-based Coaching, as well as integrative somatic trauma therapy skills. I use all my own resources as a scholar-practitioner to offer you a richer experience.

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