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Words of Wisdom—The Ferocious Collection

Kelsay Myers
Kelsay MyersPublished on August 02, 2022

Mine have a lot to tell me, and I’m listening as I embody my own ferocious and wild heart. I often share how I have self-inquiries on certain themes in my own healing process. It’s a pretty common tradition in the healing arts, and it began for me in a women’s group on Embodying the Feminine I joined in 2017. That year my inquiry was Be Wild, a call that was also on the cover of the journal I was using to record my process. My inquiry has transformed to Becoming Unleashed, Courage, Compassion, Nourish, Connection, Be Bold, and for the past several months it's been Fierce Hope.

Ferocity is in my heart, in my hands, along my spine and deep within my belly. My own fierceness is connected to my Korean ancestors and to my power animal: the Snow Leopard. She came to me quite dramatically one morning as I was meditating (also in the women’s group). My snow leopard burst forth from my center—the chest and upper belly. She leaped out from my body, and we stared at each other. I have seen her in other meditations since, and whenever she appears, I am left with the feelings of raw animalistic power, strength, softness, and the awareness that I feel more compassionate and alive within myself than I have before.

I took inspiration from these empowering experiences and my own self-inquiries as I created the offerings for the Dialogical Persona Healing Arts Club. I want to offer my Club Members something that's new and set apart from the coaching programs and courses I have with my business, but that is still aligned with Dialogical Persona Healing and offers the same kind of transformative process.

The Dialogical Persona Healing Arts Club is focused on embodying your whole self empowerment with 3 different levels of commitment. Subscription to the Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul plan is for those who want simple, easy to do on your own practices to inspire your connection to your whole self with more compassion, care, attention, attunement and creativity. The next level is called Fierce You, and it expands on the nourishing connection to include monthly group workshops, stronger communication skills, tools to develop more confidence and empowerment, and personalized Words of Wisdom affirmations like these generalized ones here, but specifically created for your own intentions and inquiries! The final level includes 1-on-1 mentorship with me on embodying your whole self empowerment!

I'm incredibly excited about the launch of the Dialogical Persona Healing Arts Club! I look forward to meeting you in your nourishing, fierce self-expression. Let’s recover the shapes, movements, sounds, words, and expressions of your whole self together!

And don't forget to save these Words of Wisdom affirmations from my Ferocious Collection to stay inspired!

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