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Dion Mattison
Rockaways, NY

Are you struggling to find virtual content that is really applicable to your in-water surfing practice? Do you find progress in surfing frustrating? Are you disillusioned by all the hokey surf advice and bro-y surf schools out there? Look no further. I have combined my 35 years of surfing, 15 years of coaching, and a PhD in philosophy to establish and support intentional and ethical surfing practices.

Surfing, like many practices, has suffered from a gatekeeper mentality. The idea that depriving people of "sacred knowledge" will deter them from taking up the practice is completely false. All this does is create resentment and ignorance for expert and beginner alike. The solution is to provide people a path into surfing that is intellectually and physically informative, instructional, and supportive.

In addition to my in-person instruction, which you can read about on my website, here I offer weekly and monthly newsletters that aim to help you deepen your relationship to the ocean, to surfing culture, and to a community of other surfers on a similar journey. These newsletters feature video and written tips on reading surf forecasts, surfing techniques, etiquette and priority in the lineup. I share my thoughts about various issues in surfing history, culture, and politics, and ask big questions about what surfing means to the world at large. You can subscribe on a weekly or a monthly level, and if you're truly dedicated you can dive into the 'Everything Conatus' digital plan, which gains you membership into the book club. We meet via Zoom 1x weekly to discuss texts that force us to ask what it means to call ourselves surfers. This kind of communal reflection deepens our collective knowledge of surfing and strengthens our bonds as a global surfing community.

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