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As Promised . . .

Dion Mattison
Dion MattisonPublished on June 30, 2021

Last week I wrote my first newsletter on Subkit. I promised another free newsletter this week to remind you that free newsletters will be less frequent from now on. You can still get free Conatus content through instagram, the blog, and the YouTube channel. But I found a sweet way to reward you for subscribing to one of the plans: a referral program! Everyone who refers someone will get 15% off their subscription per referral for life (or until you cancel), and those that you refer will get 10% off their subscription for 6 months. A referee can become a referrer, so everyone wins. I am excited for what's to come on Subkit -- I've already sent book club and weekly newsletters out -- it's just a much more organized and efficient way to provide you with timely and crucial philo-surfing content.

Speaking of cool content, check out this video Stephanie Gilmore and friends just made called "Surfing." This is super high level shortboarding, mostly filmed on the Gold Coast of Australia. I think it's inspiring how all of these women manage to get quality waves in those insane crowds. A critique I have of the video is that it uses a standard surf video editing format which omits all the take offs. This makes it hard to learn from because you can't see how they manage the drop -- it just cuts right to some awesome advanced maneuver. Even though I am an advanced surfer, I want to see the take off! That's why I like watching the pro surf events live on WSL. You see the wave judgment, the jockeying for position, and the take off. But as far as edited surf videos go, Steph and friends are quite an inspiring lot just in terms of sheer ripping.

I recently made a little Philo-surfing video with lots of take offs. You can see it here.

Did you know that knot = a nautical mile, which is 1.15 miles per hour? So any time you see a chart measured in knots, now you can do the math!

Alrighty, keeping this one short and sweet. I know it's a bit of a pain to migrate over to a new platform, and that it may take you some time to sign up for it and get used to it. I also don't want to spam you, so the next free one of these will come out in 6-8 weeks or so. Until then I'm sticking to posting for the subscribers who have opted in.

Thanks so much for your continued support of all things Conatus. It means a lot to me. If you see me at the beach or in the water, please don't hesitate to introduce yourself. And also remember if we have met before that I am near sighted and don't wear contacts when surfing, so I may not recognize you if you're more than 4ft away!

Have fun this weekend, stay safe (especially from beach glass on the 5th of July), and eyes down the line!

More waves more joy,


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