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CSC Fall Update: Don't Miss Out On Dope Surf Memes

Dion Mattison
Dion MattisonPublished on September 14, 2022

Heya surf nerds. Popping in here to welcome you to the real surf season in the northern hemisphere. I was on a panel at the Women's Surf Film Festival last week titled "Surfing in Crowded a Lineup," and as I mentioned in my Instagram story, I am aware that a few people left it feeling like they didn't take away any actionable protocols for how to better comport themselves when it's busy. I promised that I'd write a list of 10 actionable protocols in my next newsletter. This, however, is not that newsletter! This one is going out to everyone who signed up on my mailing list, paying and non paying alike. For those who are actually subscribed to monthly and weekly plans, stay tuned for an informative dive into herd mentality. For those who aren't, get involved before I send it out tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 15):

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For those interested in board storage and co working at the clubhouse in NY, that's the Bronze, Silver, and Gold memberships. There are only a few left, so do hop on it soon if you're interested. The Everything Conatus Digital plan is for bookclub participants. We're finishing up Frank Herbert's Dune (all six books) this month -- free dinner and discussion at my place on September 24th (anyone who has read some of Dune is welcome, just RSVP) -- and then starting on Plato's Republic. If you really, really want to address the issue of sharing resources you NEED to be in that edition of book club. For me the pivotal moment of the entire text is when they're "building the city in speech," and discussing what each person needs for survival. They mention some basic foods that would certainly allow people to thrive and then Glaucon asks, "What, no relishes?!" And Socrates replies, "Oh yeah of course, right, we must have relishes." In terms of political economy it's pretty much all downhill from there! But seriously, it's very important to think about whether we all need relishes with our dishes. And if so, why? Surfing adjacent, does everyone deserve a set wave? Well, that's certainly worth discussing!

This is also a reminder to many who think they're subscribed but whose cards have expired (hi mom). Sometimes this is an issue on the SubKit end, but more often than not it's an issue on the card member's end. Those damn things expire when you're not looking! If you have been enjoying these and aren't getting them please check your card! How will you know if you're getting them or not? Here are my last five posts:

If you think you've been paying and didn't see a single one, your card has probably malfunctioned. If you're a monthly subscriber who only saw two of these and would like to see the rest, simply upgrade your plan. SubKit has made it easy to upgrade and downgrade at your leisure. For example, you could try out weekly letters for a few months, and then go back down to monthly without penalty if it's too much content for you to deal with.

It's also worth reminding you that my surf trips book with weekly subscribers pretty quickly. There are two spots left for Costa Rica Dec 31-Jan 10 2023, and one spot left for surf and yoga with with me and Evan Perry April 13-20 (also in Costa Rica). I will be planning more trips throughout the fall and winter (Kelly Slater surf ranch and Waco wave pool may be on the docket), and weekly subscribers will always get first dibs.

Lastly, you can save money on these philosurfy virtual interactive surf mags (the only ones of their kind!) by referring your surf buds:

Invite your friends, everybody saves.

For every friend that subscribes using your referral link, you'll get 15% from their payments as credit toward your own subscription. They'll get 10% off for 6 months too!

I always say that if you are not in NY to get in the water with me, or can't fully commit to coaching, or hell just want a fresh take on all things surfing, these dope surf memes (in Dennett's sense of course) are a great way to get involved. They're also a great way to get inside info even if you are actively involved with my physical coaching.

Surf check ya later!


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