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Make Sure You Get The Newsletters

Dion Mattison
Dion MattisonPublished on July 21, 2021

Apologies if it seems like a barrage of emails from me this week. I was informed by Tina Deng that she's missing some of the emails I send through SubKit because they go straight into her 'Promotions' folder in her gmail. I brought this to Bora's attention, and he shared this excellent Medium article with me on how to train your gmail to accept the awesome CSC newsletters as primary mail in your inbox.

The instructions are pretty simple: you're just going to drag and drop the Conatus SubKit emails from your Promotional to your Primary Inbox. Then you save as a contact. This should entail that you get whichever newsletters that are associated with the tier you have signed up for. For example, last night I sent a post to Everything Conatus subscribers with our new reading schedule. If an Everything subscriber misses that email that's a bummer! The post is still there on the SubKit for them to view, but they may not be aware it's there if they didn't get the email. I also have the capacity to send just an email through this, but if your inboxes are trained to recognize the html generated mail as primary you won't ever know!

Ok, that's all for today. Hope you have been finding some joy on the itsy bitsy waves.

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