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Dorris Lane Candles

Matthew Thompson
Stuart, FL, USA

Dorris Lane Candles is a small business based in Stuart, FL that I started in my kitchen and founded in January 2022. I’ve always had a powerful imagination and curiosity. I would always take things apart when I was younger and put them back together. I loved seeing how the pieces fit and worked together to create something whole. Previously as a chef, I performed this task on a daily basis, except with food. Creating different flavors, taste and aroma and combining them together in harmony. I always loved seeing how different things could bond cohesively

I named my company Dorris Lane after the street where my grandparents lived in Portland, TN. It is in making candles that I was reminded of the lessons that my grandparents taught and have always showed me. The benefits of a simpler life where the focus is more on family and self-sufficiency. Lessons handed down to me by my elders where you can create your own fate instead of doing only of what you were told. Peace and freedom in a sense, if you could muster up the wisdom to take it. A concept I lost and have somehow found again through candle making.

It is my hope that every time you light a candle that I made it captivates your senses. Then translates into emotions that are new and yet familiar that lifts your spirit and brings you to a place of serenity, happiness and relaxation


Owner, Dorris Lane Candles

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