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January Gems you don't want to miss!

Dram Fine
Dram FinePublished on January 14, 2023

We're not usually for new years resolutions, but I think we're going to make an exception and dedicate ourselves this year to drinking more TASTY whisky whenever we can and with whomever we can. So there's never a better time than the present - so here we go! Check out the latest Dram Fine Gems that you can find at Sherbrooke Liquor. Oh, we also have an official slogan for 2023 --

2023: You Owe It To Yourself!



The Bowmore 15 is like a dark, mysterious stranger that slowly reveals its complexity and depth as you spend more time with it. Also, this stranger has been drinking a LOT of sherry. It's like a cross between a Bond villain and a fine wine, but with less pretentiousness and more peat. Perfect for sipping on a cold winter night or for plotting world domination (kidding, please don't use it for that). Overall, a delicious and unforgettable whisky experience that we have made a constant on our back bar for years!


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CU BOCAN CREATION # 3 - It's like Frankenstein's monster, but way more delicious and a lot less scary.

Moroccan Cabernet Sauvignon? Balsamic vinegar and exotic spices as tasting notes? That alone convinced me to pick up a bottle. This bottle touts itself as a Moroccan Cabernet Sauvignon & American Rye cask with a respectable 46% ABV. It is spicy, spicy, spicy (think cumin, peppers, cinnamon) with a hint of caramel-laced smoke and a citrus punch.

I've also heard rumours that if you hold a shot of Cu Bocan Creation #3 up to the light just right, you can see a hidden message that says "drink responsibly", but I haven't been able to confirm that myself.


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If you are a fan of the Campbelton region, then look no further than this Remarkable Regional Malt by Douglas Laing. This year, the hunt was on to find a bottle of Springbank - but lo and behold- there was some tasty Springbank (as well as other Campbeltown favourites like Glen Scotia and Kilkerren) right under our noses in this well-crafted blend.

You will find flavours of chocolate, caramel, and stewed fruit balanced nicely with sea salt and brine that only a whisky by the sea can bring. Ridiculously good.


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Find them all at Sherbrooke Liquor!

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