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Qodosh Naturals Health and Wellness

Robin Sallee
Chicago, IL, USA

Qodosh Naturals Health and Wellness is a multi-cultural virtual functional integrative alternative healthcare and nutrition practice. All walks of life are welcome. It doesn't matter your race, color, creed or if you are LGBT-Q. We are a judgement free zone. We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago, IL and Aurora,IL servicing individuals daily in areas of acute and chronic inflammation. Utilizing up to date well researched science-based protocols and the power of diet to combat disease naturally. We accept United Healthcare Choice plans and offer Advanced Care line of credit cards. Due to the viral pandemic and high infection rate you can receive in home care, in person, or anywhere there's a remote WiFi- hot spot location. Just bring your favorite electronic. We understand the stress the pandemic has caused and are the root cause solution to many of your chief complaints and concerns. Allow us to be a sense of motivation and encouragement to you along your journey to health and wellness. Due to our new door dash healthcare technology. Your healthcare packages will be shipped straight to your door with customer service support and tracking. We also have package pick up at our Aurora location. 4048 Fox Valley Center Drive, Aurora IL 60504

Our nutrition and plant based hair skin care products are also available for your purchase. Email to inquire

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