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Sara Florida
Uptown, Houston, TX, USA

Dr. Florida uses her medical training and her experience  to best help her clients reach their health goals.  She has worked with clients on many complex cases and enjoys helping clients with everyday as well as challenging health conditions.  She has helped more than 10,000 reach their health goals naturally.

  • Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist (AC01536) Texas Medical Board (2014)
  • Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, (NCCAOM)
  • PhD -  Emotional Health; Dissertation: Mastering Emotional Health for Empaths
  • Masters in Oriental Medicine - ACAOM (2013)
  • Externship China Hospital: Zhejiang Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital and Luzhou Medical School Integrated Medicine Hospital. (2014)BBA – University of Houston (1998, 2005)
  • Certified Functional Wellness Practitioner
  • Natural Wellness Speaker
  • Certified Yoga Instructor - Ashtanga (2007), Practicing Yoga Since 1990
  • Book Author - 2017, working on 2 other books on Integrated Medicine 
  • EFT, Training 2001-2008
  • Mindfullness Traiining (2005)

Dr. Florida worked in a large practice with two of her proffesors in central Houston starting in 2012, where she gained a great amount of expereince and treated tens of thousands, she then began working in her own practice in 2017 so that she could spread her wings and further develop her areas of interest and specialty.

Although she can treat a large array of health conditions effectively, she has developed specialties in gut health and emotional health.  She has done 20 years of research in managing emotional health as well as practicing / studying oriental medicine and functional medicine since 2005,  She is highly knowledgeable and experienced in these areas and is able to offer techniques and coaching in addition to Acupuncture and Functional Medicine that her patients may not be able to find elsewhere.  Many times her patients have felt hopeless or did not know where to turn, or even know what was wrong with them.  Dr. Florida often has those hard to find answers and offers a refreshing approach that can help people reach their health and emotional goals holistically.  

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