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David Taylor-Klaus
David Taylor-KlausPublished on September 06, 2022

Imagine this: you’ve poured months and thousands of dollars into your product, and you’re finally ready to launch. You’re proud of the end result because it’s exactly what the market needs.

You need this launch to work – you’ve got bills to pay. But launch day comes around… and all you hear is crickets.


Chances are, your marketing reeked of desperation. Just like it did for me, so many, many years ago.

For me, this was a huge wake up call. I realized that it was because of my desperate mindset. At the time, it seemed devastating. Now, I realize it was exactly what I needed. It helped spur me towards an entirely new and far more fulfilling career helping successful entrepreneurs reconnect with their families, and a bestselling book. Listen to my story, and get actionable insight on how you can transform your mindset and allow your business to flourish like I did in this episode of Results Leaders, “Futzing” Your Way to a Stronger Mind. You’ll discover how to transform your mindset and let your business flourish.

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