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Kris Szabo
Southbury, CT 06488, USA

I struggled with joint pain, brain fog, migraines, chronic sinus infections, allergic reactions, fatigue, disrupted sleep, weight gain, and a total lack of interest in life. It was a result of years of exposure to mold, overuse of antibiotics, and losing myself in a world of putting everyone and everything else first. Until one day, I had enough and made myself a priority. Through honest conversations with myself, my family, and my physicians, I've made gradual dietary and lifestyle changes to improve my health & well-being. Experiencing the Joy that Makes Life Great is my Motivation!

Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching focuses on helping busy women make small changes to create healthier, happier life. Focus on stress management techniques, eating whole foods, and an anti-inflammatory diet to heal the mind, body, and soul.

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