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NEW: The 5 DAY Business ReBootCamp Challenge

Heather Barrie
Heather BarriePublished on October 29, 2021

After months of reacting and adjusting to meet the challenges of the past 2 years, now is a good time to reassess where you are, take stock and take a structured approach to reignite, reimagine and remodel your business.

In this FREE 5 Day Business Reboot Challenge - we'll share an overview of the key steps within our Business Reboot system and focus on one of the fundamental stages in each. Gain insightful ideas to give you the quick boost you need:

Day 1: Who you are - your superpowers and kryptonite

Day 2: Where are you heading - goals upon which to build your plan

Day 3: Marketing strategy - be heard

Day 4: Sales strategy - get selling

Day 5: Pitching - bringing it all together!

This dynamic challenge involves a 15 Minute briefing (via Zoom) each day at 9 am incorporating a daily activity and a live q&a each evening at 7 pm - together with a private online group to keep you on track!

Sign up here

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